Annie Acker / Granola / Jesus Loving

+ God, music, intelligence, bubble baths, messy hair, rain, shopping, half sleeves, vintage, white teeth, Texas, lofts, accents, ripped jeans, collages, adventures, good conversation, nature, cute underwear, bruises, physical contact, tattoos, late nights, reading, intimacy, loose shirts, glitter, movies, the dark, bones, cuddling, big windows, cleanliness, hand written letters, karma, big words, pizza.

- Hate, judgment, dirty plates, colds, bad friends, sleeping late, humidity, shooting up, lies, negativity, otter boxes, public restrooms, beating around the bush, profanity, static, polka dots, veins, public display of affection, closed mindedness, homework, thin stripes, built-in bras, greasy hair, wasted time, slow internet connection, texting, bad breath, studying, fast food, high school relationships, bad energy.